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Where To Buy Waterproof Mattress Protector

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If you want to shield a mattress from spills, potty training accidents, or pet messes, we recommend the SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector. After 240 hours researching and testing 14 protectors, we found the SafeRest did the best job at keeping our mattress dry, while also feeling comfortable to sleep on. And after multiple washes, it retained its waterproofing better than almost any other protector we tried.

Safe materials: In our research we noted many concerns from parents about vinyl protectors, although one manufacturer told us its vinyl protectors are more waterproof than its polyurethane options. There is evidence that phthalates (added to some plastics, including PVC vinyl) can cause health problems in pregnant women and children, and several phthalates are restricted from use in products aimed at kids. Wherever possible we looked at materials like polyurethane and natural fibers first, and then also considered vinyl if it was phthalate-free.

Comfortable: Because these protectors are a barrier between your sheets and your mattress, we wanted to make sure they felt good to sleep on. No overheating, no bunching, no sliding around on the bed. We paid attention to complaints of discomfort in user reviews.

The SafeRest is the thinnest of all our picks, but in our testing it was one of only three whose waterproofing held completely after 10 cycles of machine washing warm and drying on low, leaving the back of the protector and the layer of paper towels underneath completely dry. The top is constructed of a cotton/polyester-blend terry with polyurethane laminated backing.

Coop Home Goods is a popular brand among GH editors and is a top-tested brand, as well, with the adjustable loft pillow being awarded the title of "best overall" in our pillow tests. This five-sided protector goes on your bed like a fitted sheet for easy removal after bedwetting or spills. Analysts appreciated the plush top layer and that the waterproof backing wasn't noisy when crinkled in our test. The protector is also breathable and cool to the touch, thanks to the added rayon fibers. In our Lab tests, this pick showed minimal shrinkage and aced our water-repellency tests with no water seeping through from the top layer to the back.

With over 191,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this mattress protector has surely kept many beds safe from accidental spills and leaks. The SafeRest mattress protector goes on like a fitted sheet and the top of the protector is covered in a terrycloth fabric, which is designed to absorb moisture. A waterproof material underlayer helps keep your mattress dry. Keep in mind that some reviewers note the protector can get hot when sleeping. We have used this in their own homes and confirm it has blocked spills and repeatedly washed well.

This encasement mattress protector from AllerEase offers great maximum coverage and can stretch to fit mattresses up to 17 inches deep. Not only did it prove to be truly waterproof in our Lab tests, but the brand claims it protects against bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens, as well. It features a zipper with a velcro cover that is specifically designed to keep out bed bugs by preventing them from being able to crawl in through the zipper opening. It's important to note that we found the protective material to be a bit loud because of its plastic-like feel, so it may make some noise when moving around in bed.

Encasement protectors cover the entire mattress with a zipper closure for ultimate protection. GH Lab experts found Pillow Cube's encasement mattress protector to be soft and waterproof in recent tests. It's made with Pillow Cube's cool-to-the-touch material (also used in its top-tested cooling side sleeper pillow). The best part is that the top of the protector fully zips off for easy cleaning, which means you don't have to go through the hassle of lifting your mattress and removing the entire protector every time an accident happens. This protector also stayed completely silent


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