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Extortion YIFY

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Extortion YIFY

chronic philanderer falls victim to an extortion scheme when he is abducted by four masked strangers demanding retribution for his sins.The Badger Game opens with two females in a room bantering back and forth about their "friendship" and a proposal to help each other out with a giant pay day. The scene's backdrop is reminiscent of the crime films with a low consistent base strumming in the background while the plot is revealed.The film is a refreshing look not at the victims and the result of the caper but the culprits themselves. We get to see the mentality behind what would cause a person to do things that may or may not be in their normal scope of behavior. The movie has a dark comedic tone that was executed by the leads Augie Duke, Jillian Leigh and Patrick Cronen and usually those performance are unexpected at this level. All the characters were quite memorable and relatable to the audience in some way.The Badger Game has its roots in popular crime thrillers such as Oceans 11, The Italian Job and Blood Simple. The story was definitely well written and the cast was definitely up to snuff with the material. If you can get past some of the low budget technical issues, the story is definitely a fun ride and not something to be missed.

When a bus arrives in San Pablo, the mysterious American Lucky Gagin (Robert Montgomery) looks for the La Fonda Hotel and he meets the local Pila (Wanda Hendrix) that offers to take him there. Gagin is a tough man and army veteran and he seeks out a man called Frank Hugo (Fred Clark) and he learns that he will be back to his room only on the next day. Gagin stumbles upon FBI Agent Bill Retz (Art Smith), who is chasing the powerful mobster Frank Hugo, and he warns Gagin to forget his scheme for revenging his friend Shorty that was murdered by Frank. Then Gagin looks for a hotel room and he goes to the Bar Tres Violetas, where he befriends the owner of carousel called Pancho (Thomas Gomez) and he buys drinks for his friends in the bar. Pancho offers a place to Gagin to spend the night. On the next morning, Gagin goes to the hotel and meets Frank Hugo. He blackmails the mobster, asking for 30,000 dollars to give a check that incriminates him. Frank Hugo accepts the deal and tell that the money will be available only at 7:00 PM. Will Gagin succeed in his extortion of money from Frank"Ride the Pink Horse" is a different film-noir directed by Robert Montgomery, who is also the lead actor. His bitter and unpleasant character is well-developed as a war veteran disillusioned with the post-war life since his lover is unfaithful and his best friend was murdered by a mobster. Wanda Hendrix performs a weird character, maltreated by Gagin but following him like a puppy. But the plot is a good story of friendship. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): "Do Lodo Brotou Uma Flor" ("From the Mud Sprouted a Flower")

Three truckers are setting off across country when they are harassed by a local Sheriff. The Sheriff is happy to use his power to extort money from anyone who he runs into, and he has a particular dislike for truckers. He and one of the truckers, "Rubber Duck", have a long-standing feud. This boils over when the truckers refuse to give in to one of his extortion attempts and get into a fight with the Sheriff and the local police. This results in a cross-state, even inter- state chase, and grows in magnitude as more and more trucks join the rebels, forming a convoy.Pretty weak movie. Generally just one long car/truck chase scene, with little escapades along the way. Had some potential to make a statement about freedom and taking a stand against fascism (maybe a Vanishing Point with trucks) but hardly touches either subject. Instead it's one of those mindless elongated cross country car chase movies. Most perplexing of all, this is directed by Sam Peckinpah, the man who gave us The Wild Bunch, Cross of Iron, Straw Dogs and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. His movies usually have solid pl


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