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Best Website To Buy Diamonds

Gone are the days where you need to learn how to use a 10X loupe correctly if you want to scrutinize a stone. At James Allen, every single diamond in their inventory is displayed in interactive 360 videos; making them one of the best online diamond store to shop at.

best website to buy diamonds

Brian Gavin is a 5th generation diamond cutter who has built up a massive reputation in the industry. His signature super ideal cut diamonds are some of the most beautiful diamonds I had ever come across.

In 1999, Blue Nile made history by being the first company in the world to sell diamonds on the Internet. They had since grown into a multi-national company with offices and operations around the world.

For consumers based in UK or Europe, Blue Nile offers an unparalleled level of service and the best regional reach compared to other vendors. In fact, they ship to almost every country in the EU (even to the small countries like Luxembourg).

We have vetted hundreds of online jewelers and handpicked 4 of the best diamond retailers in the world. Not only do they offer better prices compared to traditional jewelry stores, they also offer larger selections for you to cherry pick diamonds from.

=> They are one of the most reputable online jewelers that sell a good range of GIA graded diamonds. JA also has a showroom in NYC. Also, let me remind you that a GIA report is MANDATORY with pink stones.

Hi Paul I am in the UK and wondered if you would recommend me the best online diamond store, an internet retailer or jeweller over here who can be trusted, the style we are looking at is a side stone, many thanks

Hi Paul, I am from the Czech republic and a problem here is, that if you buy anything from USA, which is more than USD 150 value, than you have to pay approx 25% additional fee (internal VAT and custom fees). You recommended BlueNile for EU citizens. Are they the best online diamond seller for Czech republic? Is there any way how to buy a diamond from them, but have it physically shipped from another EU country and not from USA? Thanks

James Allen and Blue Nile are the 2 best places to shop for emerald cut diamonds because of the range of selections they offer and the HD videos they provide. For settings, I highly recommend that you buy the setting from where you get the diamond from. This reduces hassle, stress and makes one party completely responsible for the entire ring. Local jewelers are poor places to buy from because of the limited inventory and terrible knowledge jewelers have. I can tell you upfront that 99% of these local jewelers will sell and market whatever mediocre inventory they have to offload their goods onto you without consideration of what you actually need or want.

To help with the buying process, by building on our decade+experience, we are offering our critical insights on the best places to buyethically sourced diamonds and engagement rings, primarily online. This articlealso covers other essential quality factors for buyers to consider whilebuying diamonds.

This jeweler is a top choice when shopping for high-qualitynatural GIA or AGS graded diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and/or fine jewelry.James Allen has a unique HD 360 high-resolution technology for viewing andinspecting diamonds and offers exceptional support over the long term. As the mostprominent online retailer of fine jewelry and diamonds, James Allen has manyoptions for buyers to consider while shopping for engagement rings. JamesAllen's product quality, customer service, price match policy, and otherdiscounts are essential factors that qualify them as the top option for buyingdiamonds online. Also, remember to check their True Hearts diamonds. Click here towatch super HD diamond videos by James Allen.

For fine diamond jewelry and gifts, checking Blue Nile's products andservices is critical before making a purchase. The company is one of the firstonline retailers of fine jewelry and is credited with transforming the online diamondshopping experience. Blue Nile also has the distinction of being one ofAmerica's largest diamond and fine jewelry companies. Signet Jewelers recentlyacquired them for $360m. Click here tocheck out Blue Nile's quick diamond-buying cheat sheet for reference.

The company is best known for its high-quality, precision-cutHearts and Arrows diamonds. They cut higher-quality diamonds than Tiffany & Co.Whiteflash also has one of the largest selections of in-house diamonds comparedto other online retailers. Due to their exceptional customer service,Whiteflash has continued to be a recipient of the Better Business Bureau'sAward for Excellence since 2004. They also offer designer engagement rings,making them a top contender for online diamond shopping. Furthermore, Whiteflashrecently started selling high-precision ideal cut lab-grown diamonds. Click here tolearn more about Whiteflash's heart and arrow diamonds.

Brilliant Earth is an exceptional choice forbuying lab-grown diamonds and designer engagement rings. Like our other top-ratedretailers, Brilliant Earth is known for ethically sourcing its products. Theyalso carry many designer engagement rings and other fine jewelry. BrilliantEarth recently became a publicly traded company and is listed on the New YorkStock Exchange. Moreover, Brilliant Earth is 1) a certified and audited memberof the Responsible Jewelry Council, 2) one of the first companies to offerblockchain-enabled diamonds, and 3) has created rigorous protocols for tracingthe origins of a diamond. Click here tocheck their lab-grown diamonds and compare them with James Allen.

Clear Origin is a relative newcomer to the diamond industry.Founded by veterans of the diamond trade in 2017, the company exclusivelyfocuses on lab-grown diamonds. They also offer unique diamond jewelry.Moreover, Clear Origin provides an easy and hustle-free shopping experiencewith free shipping and 100-day return policies. Customer service is average atClear Origin.

Brian Gavin Diamonds is also a good jeweler for AGS graded idealcut diamonds. Brian is a leading diamond cutter and takes pride inhis craft. Because Brian strives for excellence, diamond prices at Brian GavinDiamonds are slightly higher than other online retailers.

In addition to discussing and highlighting the best places to buydiamonds and engagement rings online, we will also discuss 1) how buyers shouldprioritize the 4Cs while buying a diamond (we have offered four scenarios below);2) identify innovative ways for working with a given budget; 3) learn about theseven critical factors that influence the price of a diamond (and why should itbe 7Cs and not 4Cs) and; 4) consider the pros and cons of shopping locally.

With over a decade of experience in the trade, we are alsoconvinced that buying a diamond or an engagement ring from a reputable companywould be in a buyer's best interest to avoid getting ripped off and receive long-termbenefits.

Considering the above factors, our top pick is JamesAllen. It is one of the world's largest diamond companies known for transparencyand best trade practices. They also have the best 3D technology, showing everyangle of a diamond or engagement ring (better than anyone other company in the industry).Additionally, James Allen offers a lifetime warranty and a price matchguarantee. Best price, customer service, and top quality: what else could abuyer wish for?

Our second pick is Blue Nile. The company is a leaderin the online diamond and fine jewelry industry. It pioneered bringingintegrity to the diamond industry and revolutionizing the online fine jewelrytrade during the late 1990s. When Petra Gems started selling diamonds online,we specialized in the trade of estate jewelry. After selling several pre-ownedBlue Nile engagement rings, we were impressed with their craftsmanship. Thecompany has also updated its online platform and offers cutting-edge technologyto make buying diamonds a pleasant experience.

Our third pick is Whiteflash.They are a leading retailer of precision-cut Hearts and Arrows diamonds anddesigner engagement rings. The company's A Cut Above diamonds are genuinelyremarkable and highly sought after by educated buyers. Whiteflash also offersmany designer engagement ring brands at a fair price range. By buying atWhiteflash, a shopper will get the option to 1) check a large inventory ofin-house hearts and arrows diamonds graded by AGS; 2) buy authentic designercollections such as Tacori, Simon G, Verragio,Jaffe, and Danhov, among others; and 3) get lifetime trade benefits on alldiamonds. They are also rated A+ by the BBB. Whiteflash has also been the winnerof the BBB Pinnacle Award since 2004.

Our fifth pick is Clear Origin. The company was founded in2017, focusing exclusively on lab-grown diamonds to improve the diamond buyingexperience. The founders of the company have decades of experience within thediamond industry. In addition to lab-created diamonds, they also offer uniquefine jewelry collections.

Our sixth pick is Brian Gavin Diamonds for enthusiasts searchingfor high-quality AGS graded diamonds. Brian Gavin is a well-known name in thediamond industry and a pioneer in cutting diamonds. He is a 5th generationdiamond cutter credited with inventing the hearts and arrows cut.

Our seventh pick is Ritani. The jewelrycompany was founded in 1999 by a family of jewelers and is known for itselegant and high-quality fine jewelry. Expert artisans in New York uniquelydesign Ritani's jewelry pieces, and while they have reasonable pricing on loosediamonds, it is more their settings and/or semi-mounts that stand out. Besides,Ritani's transparent diamond pricing, free in-store preview, free returns,price matching policy, lifetime care package, and warranty for life are allhelpful add-ons.

Round cut: Round cut diamonds are trendy becauseover 75% of all polished diamonds sold worldwide are round shaped. While buyinga round cut diamond, please pay close attention to its cut quality. Ideally,buy a round brilliant cut diamond with a 55-58% table and a depth of 60-62.5%.The girdle should be in the 2.5-4% range. The crown angle should be 34-35,while the pavilion depth should be 40-41. There should be no cullet. 041b061a72


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