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Quark Costos Y Presupuesto Seriall: A Software for Construction and Project Planning

Quark Costos Y Presupuesto Seriall: A Software for Construction and Project Planning

Quark Costos Y Presupuesto Seriall is a software system that allows users to prepare budgets, analyze prices, plan activities, and generate reports for construction and production projects. It is designed for professionals and companies that are involved in public or private tenders and need to produce efficient proposals in a short time.

Quark Costos Y Presupuesto Seriall

The software has a large database of more than 3000 activities, 330 technical specifications, and various formats for cost analysis. It also allows users to modify and add data according to their needs. Users can import information from previous projects to simplify the preparation of new ones.

Quark Costos Y Presupuesto Seriall covers the entire cycle of a project, from planning to execution, monitoring, and evaluation. It helps users to schedule the project, estimate the resources, calculate the cash flow, and track the progress. It also generates graphs and tables that show the physical and financial performance of the project.

The software is compatible with Windows 10 and can be installed with a serial number that is provided by the developer. Users can also export the information to Microsoft Excel and Word for further processing. Quark Costos Y Presupuesto Seriall is a powerful and flexible tool that can help users to manage their projects effectively and efficiently.

For more information about Quark Costos Y Presupuesto Seriall, visit the official website or watch this video tutorial.

Some of the main features of Quark Costos Y Presupuesto Seriall are:

  • It allows users to create and edit activities, materials, labor, equipment, and specifications for each project.

  • It calculates the unit prices, productivity, and profitability of each activity based on the resources and costs involved.

  • It generates detailed budgets that include direct costs, indirect costs, overheads, social charges, taxes, and contingencies.

  • It allows users to define the work breakdown structure, the critical path, the milestones, and the dependencies of each activity.

  • It creates schedules and charts that show the duration, start and end dates, and resource allocation of each activity.

  • It estimates the cash flow and the investment of the project based on the income and expenses of each period.

  • It monitors the physical and financial progress of the project and compares it with the planned values.

  • It produces reports and summaries that show the status, performance, and deviations of the project.

Quark Costos Y Presupuesto Seriall is a software that can help users to plan and manage their projects in a professional and efficient way. It is suitable for different types of projects, such as construction, manufacturing, engineering, architecture, mining, agriculture, and more. It is also adaptable to different countries and regions, as it allows users to customize the units, currencies, taxes, and regulations according to their needs. e0e6b7cb5c


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