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Childhood abuse was positively associated with depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and self-esteem. These findings are consistent with the results of previous studies. There was a two-way relationship between childhood abuse and depression in the present study, supporting the hypothesis of Ahn. There was a positive relationship between life stressors and childhood abuse. These results suggest that life stressors were more complex than the possession of child maltreatment records. Almost half of the total sample (N = 96) reported living with a partner in the current situation. In particular, there was a significant difference between the groups in that the degree of relationship with the partner was higher in the group where the total score of CATS was higher, even after other background variables were controlled. Although attempts have been made for years to solve the childhood abuse problem, it seems that the prevalence of childhood abuse is still high and is a serious issue in terms of mental health. This may be related to the limitations of the current social context. In order to solve the problem of childhood abuse, the Korean government should help the victims of abuse and work with the references with whom the victims are dealing.