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Which Leica M To Buy [UPD]

In this post I try to list some of the main differences between each Leica M camera which might hopefully make it easier for you if you are looking to buy a Leica M film camera. Please note I have only covered Leica M film cameras and it does not include Leica digital cameras. (See this video for a comparison of digital bodies.)

which leica m to buy

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Select PageWhat is the best Leica M for you?Posted by Bellamy Nov 24, 2012 Camera Geekery 81 if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[468,60],'japancamerahunter_com-box-2','ezslot_2',106,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-japancamerahunter_com-box-2-0');What is the best Leica for you?So you have decided to take the plunge and get yourself into the world of Leica. But there are so many variants and different versions. What one is the best one for you. Well, with this little guide I hope to give you a clearer picture.Leica cameras inspire a range of emotions in their users and non users alike. For users there is joy, desire, comfort and often pride. The non users there can be also be desire, often respect and sometimes envy, and in some cases much more negative feelings.But for the group that would like to own a Leica the overriding feeling seems to be one of confusion. What do you choose? There are so many options out there for you, but what is the right one? Which camera suits you? This is a difficult question to answer properly, as there are so many factors involved.You could be really clinical about it, and make the decision based on the parameters in which you shoot, but that is emotionless, and I really feel that a camera should talk to you. But be careful, buying cameras based only on emotional responses can be very expensive.I think that buying the best Leica for you can be broken down into a few simple questions that can make your decision easier.

Great page with lots of info!Im currently looking to buy a Leica and I have my eyes for the M6, which I thought would be a nice entry model (like it is mentioned here).My problem is that there are myriads of version. TTL, 0.72 etc etc and I was wondering which one would be best for my needs?I will use it for street photography mostly, perhaps some portraits. So the lenses I will be using are 35, 50 and 85 maximum. Which of these Leica M6 would be a good fit for me?Thanks in advance!//Maximilian

I have owned many M bodies since 1973, the CL, M4-P, M7, M3, M2, MDA, M8 and M9. I have also tried the M 240. My first choice M is the M9. I see no benefit to the M 240. I would rather spend the money on lenses.For shooting film, I own a Konica Hexar RF and Minolta CLE, both of which are better bodies than their contemporary Leica equivalents, the M7 and CL. I have owned two M7 bodies and both were extremely unreliable.

I spent a lot of time trying to plan what I might want to shoot and how often, which ultimately led me down a rabbit hole of indecision. I was then reminded that Adobe Lightroom actually keeps track of focal lengths that you use, and I quickly found that the vast majority of my images on my Sony cameras were shot using 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm.

On the other hand, manual focusing is favoured by some for its more slower, more considered approach. You also have more complete control over very aspect of the shooting experience, which can be appealing for many.

Leica and Panasonic have a fruitful partnership, meaning that we often see Leica cameras which have been built on Panasonic originals, but with the iconic red dot label and a slightly different interface and design.

It uses a Four Thirds sensor which is paired with a 24-75mm f/1.7-f/2.8 lens, making it great for a wide variety of different shooting situations and certainly being an upgrade from a smartphone or basic compact camera.

Partly it's the colors. Some photos I would even not want to touch colors on which almost never happens for me in digital. And for other photos it was very easy to adjust colors to what I want and more. You might laugh but I partly attribute this to the sensor being a CCD sensor instead of CMOS. I have an old Pentax K10D which has a CCD sensor and it also has pretty great color output - not as good as M9 but still great. I don't hate CMOS as it clearly has many advantages but I do have to massage the colors more to make them more pleasing to my eyes.

At partly - the "worse than modern digital cameras" dynamic range. It may sound like a negative but it isn't. Somehow the images have a really nice transition between different shades and intensity of light. Also when it gets too over-exposed it's quite natural looking. May I even call it - filmic looking - which is clearly the gold standard of how things should look!

The M9 I got was also in a pretty minty condition which was pleasantly surprising. I don't care much about visual problems but it's still nice to have something in mint condition. It even has plastic wrap on the bottom plate and LCD. The only downside is that it's not a black model. The first M9 I had was a black model and I do prefer black cameras in general. Not a huge issue though. There's always spray paint!

The viewfinder is good but not as good as Leica M3 in my opinion. Rangefinder patch is slightly smaller on M9 and it also seems to be impacted by flaring on certain circumstances which M3's patch never is. There is also less magnification which allows you to use wider lenses ( there are framelines for 28mm lenses on M9 whereas M3 taps out at 50mm ) but you will get worse experience if you prefer 50mm or longer. It's still the second best rangefinder viewfinder that I have used so it's really good.

Ergonomically it's slightly worse than M3 as it's slightly fatter. Whilst it would benefit from a grip I just can't make myself even consider one as it makes the camera look ugly...which shouldn't matter...but it kind of does. With a strap it doesn't matter though. And I might try a grip accessory that attaches to the hot shoe. Weight is nice and hefty although M3 wins here again in my opinion.

With this machine, you can expect all controls to be smooth, quiet, and satisfying to the touch. To rangefinder aficionados focusing is a dream, especially in the dark. The M6 has also an intuitive and bright light meter, which is very important when your pictures are on film!

The Leica M6 is compatible with every Leica M lens ever made. This fact is true even for the digital Leica models such as the M10. They all share the same mount system which is without precedent in the history of cameras. One mount, more than 50 lenses, and no adapters needed.

Another accessory I like is the M grip. You can easily take off the bottom plate and replace it with the grip which. It provides a rounded surface to hold the camera with your fingertips perpendicular to the ground, alleviating fatigue and offering you a more secure grip.

People who want Leica film cameras are likely well versed in film photography and they appreciate that this mechanical marvel will always give them a photo no mater what the conditions are.I currently own 25 film cameras, so which one do I like the most. Surprise, Hasselblad CM500.The camera I like the best for a point and shoot color, Contax G2, the camera I like the most for technical achievement and ability is the Nikon F4s followed by the Nikon F5.The camera I like the best for black and white when I am alone wandering around with a camera, then for sure it will be my Leica MP with the 90mm lens or the 35mm lens.

Yep, Leica Store in Munich is great place to visit for purchasing or even just looking the product. I have visited this store on November last year. The clerks are very helpful and friendly since I am looking for the product which are not in store. He helped me to ring other stores to see if there are stock over there. Finally, I got what I wanted. This summer I will go and visit there again.

The Q2 offers a tactile shutter speed dial and an aperture ring on the lens, so it operates like a mini version of the actual Leica M. The Q2 has the same full-frame sensor inside as the advanced SL2, so the image quality is exceptionally high. The Q2 even has some straight up impressive stats, like 1/500th second flash sync speed, which is twice as fast as full-sized interchangeable-lens cameras.

As you may know, our main business is to produce our selfdesigned Leitaxmountsto use Leica-R lenses on the Nikon, Pentax , Canon ,Sony and Sigma reflex cameras. This activity has made uscontactwith the Leica importer for Spain, which is also one of the few distributors of the Artisan & Artistproducts in Europe. Knowing that their products are hard tofind in many countries, we decided to offer them in our site.

Even if this is simply one of the typical cases of Leica saying they will be in extremely short supply for a while (which is different from saying it will be a limited edition), for me there wouldn't be any difference. OTOH, that shelf full of LTM glass over there that I use with my Leica M Type 240 would work just as well on a nice Canon P rangefinder. If I wanted to get seriously into film again a pristine old Canon P and a handheld meter would be a tiny fraction of the cost of the new M6. Even a nice condition M4-P would be much less if I had to have the red dot on my film camera too...

[No, I bought it from a guy who was a counterman in a California camera store who said Jack Lemmon came in and traded some gear, including the M6, for the then-camera-of-the-moment, whatever it was. He provided a detailed letter describing the occasion, which I passed along to Art when he bought the Lemmon Leica from me. --Mike]

Personally, I have no gripe with anybody buying Leica stuff; it may well have been behind the curve ever since Nikon brought out the F, which is why I never bought Leica when I had my business and no problem writing it down, but if one makes folks feel cool, fine: we all need a little something to help us along now and again.

Maybe its obscurity is simply a function of the low esteem in which both collectors and users hold the M5 (see numerous of my other posts about why I think the M5 is a great camera and its unfortunate reputation is undeserved), but the fact that this camera clearly exists yet nobody has acknowledged or recognizes it, puzzles me. 041b061a72


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