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Welcome to the study of boy culture with Material Culture Research Group! In this course, we will be focusing on the development of boy culture in the prehistory of America. What type of people settled the Americas? What resources were available for people to live off of? What cultural adaptations did they make to the landscape and environment? Where did ideas come from? What are the current theories on why people came to the Americas and started living off of the land and not on the land itself? Why did societies in the Americas eventually give up that lifestyle and move to "The New World"? What I like about studying the boy culture of the prehistory of the Americas is how it weaves together history (inside the classroom), archaeology (outside the classroom) and anthropology (outside the classroom). We all know that anthropology talks a lot about how people have changed and adapted over time. Boy Culture is like archaeology because it shows us how boys and men have changed and adapted over time. And Anthropology and History is similar to the class because, it goes over the great scheme of history and the developed theories to put it all together. I chose this course because I am an Anthropology major an main interest of mine is boy culture. I chose this class because it shows how boys have come to be in which means and how people have used their advantages to develop what they are today. It is a class that takes me to the past and makes me